MaRI is developing human-friendly solutions for snoring suppression.

MaRI Co. Ltd. provides user-friendly snore suppression solutions.

Approximately 30% of the population are snorers but are otherwise healthy.
We provide an innovative approach that solves the problems caused by snoring.

We also solve snoring problems without placing a burden on the snorer.

We have developed an easy-to-use product that suppresses snoring casually.

The equipment is simply placed on the user’s bedside. There is nothing to bother the sleeping user.

About MaRI

Severe snorers are frequently affected by symptoms including sleeplessness, headaches, daytime sleepiness, and fatigue. However, most snorers show no subjective symptoms. This is why we are developing snoring solutions to improve the relationships between couples that are suffering from the effects of snoring.

We provide the most user-friendly and easy-to-use snoring solutions based on accurate and high-quality audio signal processing techniques to help couples suffering from snoring problems without use of invasive techniques.

We focus on the capabilities of each of our engineers and bear in mind that young engineers can participate smoothly in activities at research and development sites.

We are conducting research and development jointly with Tohoku University, Stanford University, and Kyoto University.

Uniqueness of MaRI

We combine state-of-the-art digital signal processing technology with the knowledge of our affiliated educational institutions to realize reliable sleep solution development based on specific user needs.
Make All Couples Happy by Innovation Based on Stanford Biodesign

Hirofumi Taki, our CEO, has studied digital signal processing technology for use in the medical ultrasound field as a university faculty member and has numerous achievements, including giving an invited lecture at the American Acoustical Society.

We will strongly promote innovation in our approach to sleep solutions by applying state-of-the-art digital signal processing technology.
Our research and development is conducted in cooperation with the excellent research resources of Kyoto University, Tohoku University and Stanford University.


Hirofumi Taki

Ph.D., M.D.
Japan Biodesign Faculty
Biomedical Engineering for Health & Welfare,
Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, Tohoku University

Jack Motoyama

Ex Management Professor, Center for Innovation & Business, Tohoku University
Ex Head of Open Innovation Center,
New Business Development Division, Hitachi Ltd.

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